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In this wiki, you will find many different cats and Clans from the book series, Warriors. I apologize if any of these are your OCs or characters as they will be used in the wiki. Please note that these Clans and cats are all made up although some may be OCs.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Amberbreeze
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Small, mottled ginger she-cat with a dark brown-tipped tail and yellow-green eyes. She has dark brown ear tips and a fluffy, spiky tail.
  • new page Parsleypaw
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Parsleypaw is a speckled tom with round, forest-green eyes. He has a white belly and paws.
  • new page Sorrelbranch
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Sorrelbranch is a pale brown mottled she-cat. Her legs are dotted with darker brown flecks and she has pale, emerald green eyes.
  • new page Adderbark
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Adderbark is a heavy, dark brown tabby tom with long front claws and amber eyes. He has a distinctive pink nose and a long, bushy tail.
  • new page Archbite
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Archbite is a large black-and-white tom with yellow eyes.
  • new page Sunnystar
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Sunnystar is a golden she-cat with dark ginger tabby stripes. She has amber eyes and a white chest and tail-tip. Her muzzle is tinged with white and...
  • new page Fawnblaze
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Fawnblaze is a pale brown she-cat with a stub for a tail. She has cream-coloured ears, paws, and tail-tip. Her front right leg is cream-coloured and...
  • new page Solarstrike
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Solarstrike is a light ginger she-cat with barely visible patches of golden. She has round, dark brown eyes.
  • new page Rainflight
    created by Sky.fxeather
    New page: Rainflight is a muscular, pale gray tom with cream-coloured fur inside his ears. He has dark, blue-green eyes.
  • edit Juniperleaf
    edited by Sky.fxeather diff
    Summary: :

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